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When I started practicing yoga it was purely physical.

I loved the way it challenged me, and I loved the way some poses looked, but the more I practiced the more I learned to feel good in my movement.

With time, learning to feel good in my movement taught me how my body is always communicating with me about my state of mind.

Because when something doesn't feel good, even though I'm in the correct alignment, most of the time there would be tension in that area, and that tension would be the results of a tension, resistance or trouble in my mind.

Now when I feel a part in my body is tense or uncomfortable, I learned to ask myself... "what is this discomfort trying to tell me?"

In Ayurveda, disease is believed to be a dis-ease in the mind.

We need to relearn how to tune into our feelings, and see that feelings and emotions are how the soul is trying to communicate with us.

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