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Feel it, to heal it

A lot of the times we are afraid, ashamed, or confused about our emotions, we've become good at hiding and suppressing our emotions.... as if our emotions are not the thing that makes us human.

Wanting to escape, hide, and suppress our emotions might lead to escapism. Such as numbing ourselves with scrolling on social media, watching TV, over eating, keeping busy, shopping, harmful consumptions, or doing any other activity so we don’t have to feel our emotions.

What if we look at emotions like a software update downloading a new lesson in our body?

What if we approach emotions with curiosity? Such as, what is this emotion trying to tell me?

Every emotion exists to teach us something about ourselves.

The way I like to look at it is when an emotion is present, is like downloading a lesson.

1️⃣ First, I notice it, which would be like accepting the download.

2️⃣ Then I allow myself to feel it, which would be like the loading process.

3️⃣ Then I receive the lesson and release the emotion, which would be like completing the download

But if an emotion is present, and I suppress it then it would be like accepting the download but not complete the loading process, and it ends up getting stuck in my body.

Allow your emotions to be seen, felt and expressed.

Free yourself.

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