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Self-serving VS communal-serving.

My journey with competition started from school.

I was taught to do more to get more, want more to be better, aim to be the first to be valued....

There was always a ladder to climb, and it always involved competing with others.

Seeing with eyes of compassion, or having the spirit of communal support, or thinking less "me" and more "us" were things I wasn't aware of.

We are all here to serve the growth of humanity and those who come after us.

We are all here to make a change that will serve future generations.

What will we leave behind when we are gone?

I used to think that I need to build a brand for myself because there are many instructors that are my competition, that I need to stand out because that's how I will value my self-worth.

Now I see the beauty in having diversity, in having options, and in collaborating with different minds to create beautiful experiences.

I truly admire and respect every single individual that is breaking out of that system because I know how hard it is to let go and look at the bigger picture.

The more we change our goals and visions from self-serving to communal-serving, the more we are in harmony with the world.

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