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Shadow Work

What is shadow work?

Sometimes we like to believe we are only saints, kind, loving , and righteous, because it's easier to see the bright and light side of us.

As much as I'd love to see my self as the bright loving unicorn, I must also see the little monster within me, whom I call Pikaboo, and I lovingly accept my unicorn and monster with kindness, understanding and compassion.

It important to see all sides of me, love and forgive them all, and work together towards my growth.

We all have a shadow side, and that is a hard side to see and acknowledge most of the time, because that would mean admitting to our flaws, our traumas, our unconscious behavior.

Most of us are very critical and judgmental towards ourselves so it is hard to accept the side of us we judge the most.

The shadow side of us is the side that we've repressed over the years, the unconscious side that influences our thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

Getting in touch with those parts we suppress the most, is how we can grow, heal and love.

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